To increase the efficiency of your business communication, haven't you always wanted a seamless flow of information between your business associates, your employees and your corporate office?

To stay connected from wherever you are and communicate uninterruptedly, we bring you a very cost effective and reliable service --- Internet Protocol - Virtual Private Network Service (IP VPN).

It allows easy connectivity between your associates, business partners or employees with your corporate LAN on a highly reliable, robust, state-of-the-art infrastructure and secured network.

Created with your Needs in Mind

We have devised IP VPN solutions in such a way that it caters to the need of every kind of customer. IP-VPN services come in the following packages and give you the freedom to choose the solution best suited to you.

IP VPN packages

» Dial IP VPN Service

» Site-to-Site IP VPN Service

Dial IP VPN Service

Dial IP VPN services would help mobile customers / branch offices to get connected to their corporate network by establishing a tunnel on the existing IP based network so that communication can be done effectively between two parties. The technology requires having a IP VPN concentrator at the customer's premises, which would permit only its authorized clients to access its network securely.

Site-to-Site IP VPN Service

This service would bring corporate networks on a cost-effective IP based network so they can communicate with each other anytime, as and when required. In doing so, they would be sharing public data network.

Benefits of IP VPN
  • Leverages inherent redundancy of the Internet providing high availability.
  • Faster setup times - no time lags associated with an intercity leased line network, which may take anywhere between 6-12 weeks depending on locations.
  • Works transparently on multiple last-mile Internet connectivity at various locations viz. leased line, ISDN dial-up, PSTN dial-up and radio connectivity.
  • Highly Flexible - Dial-up IP VPN can be used by mobile users to securely connect from laptops having Internet connection.
  • Cost-effective solution for corporate intranet.
  • Easily scalable at minimal cost.
  • Well protected and secured network.
Regular Customer Support Our IP VPN services come with round-the-year support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Local support is available anytime to rectify your problems and put the services in order in minimum time. Our infrastructure design team optimizes the solutions as per customer requirement which means you get value for money for any given communication requirement.