Data Center Services

Tata Communications “s Internet Data Centers (IDCs) provide the physical environment necessary to keep your servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Internet Data Centers combine around-the-clock systems management with onsite personnel trained in the areas of networking, Internet, and systems management. The result is a physical and technical environment, affording customers the reliability and flexibility needed to outsource their mission-critical system or application operation needs.

Data Center Services can be viewed as a continuum, consisting of a range of implementation services, ranging from creating Web sites to integration with legacy systems, through infrastructure provisioning and management through actual web hosting. Earlier on in the so-called Internet Economy, the demand was basically for providing web implementation services. These days however, the focus of customer demand is shifting to ongoing operations of web solutions. In a way, it is this increase in realizing the difficulties involved in managing the ongoing operations, which have contributed to the success of Data Center outsourcing.