Variable Charge IPLC (Voice on TDM Back bone of Tata communications)

A conventional IPLC based call centre network is huge investment driven . Some of the main features of a conventional solution are High Network Cost, Network Manageability, Scalability and Solution Redundancy. In the conventional process the business transforms into a telecom company and diverts significant effort and energy from its core business. To address these concerns, we intend to offer a usage based Variable Charge IPLC where by, Instead of creating Dedicated International TDM Voice network, Customer traffic can ride over TATA Communications’ high capacity diverse and managed TDM backbone.

Managed VOIP

We have designed this VOIP solution for call centers which make substantial outbound International telephone calls for target destinations like US, Europe , Asia Pacific etc. This solution has been developed by considering all the critical parameter like built in redundancy, more availability, more call success rate etc. This volume driven solution provide a quality voice minutes solution at competitive costs. The calls are routed on Premium Internet Bandwidth to assure voice quality. This service unlike traditional solution takes care of outbound termination at distant end hence providing a complete solution rather than addressing individual blocks. The service provides a highly flexible end to end high quality solution for Call Centre.

Hosted Dialer Solution Insta CC

Service for startup call centers.